My Little Brother Rocky


I'm a good therapy dog!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Met some new friends at Meadow Glen

I just love visiting my friends at Meadow Glen.  They tell me how cute I am.  They rub my belly (Oh so good!).  Just just love meeting new people.  Don't tell anyone, but Mom made me wear this silly collar.
It was read and green with bells on it.  Can you believe it?  Bells on it!!!
Now I hear that she has something called costumes on order.  I don't know what them means, but it doesn't
sound dignified to me.   Oh, and yesterday, I had to go to time out.  All I did was tear up a napkin.  What's the big deal!  It was paper!
Any my little brother, Rocky, what a pest.  Everytime I try to get some affection from Mom or Dad, he gets in between us.  I wish someone would teach him some manners.
Talk to you soon.
Love and sloppy kisses,

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