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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm a hap hap happy dog!!!

Ok, so here's the story.  Mom said my breath was bad and took me to the vet (what does she know about dog breath).  She also told the vet that I wasn't jumping so good any more.  What Mom, I'm eight.  How high do you want me to jump.  Anyway, Dr Putt at New Kent Animal Hospital wanted to take a picture of my hips. Did I tell you she was pretty and I like giving her kisses and she doesn't mind?  Well, Dr Putt told Mom that see saw something suspecious and wanted me to have something called an Ultra Sound.  I could tell that Mom was scared, but I didn't know why.  Yesterday was the big day and back to the vet we went.
It was the wierdest thing.  They layed me on my back on this table inside a cool soft cushion and the doctor put some gel on my belly and gave me the coolest belly rub I've ever had.  It felt so good that I purred.  Honest to god, I purred.  Everybody was rubbing my belly and Mom was telling me what a good boy I was.
Heck, this was easy!  So then the doctor told Mom that everything was normal and not to worry.  Would
you believe Mom started crying.  I was so embarrased.  She hugged me, the doctor, Kathy (the office manager), Dad and even Rocky.  She was hugging anybody who wasn't moving.  I was thinking, "Mom, would you just quit"!   And now here's the really good part.  Mom and Dad took Rocky and I to the dog park.  We played and ran with all the dogs there and I told them about my wierd Mom.  I'm glad that Mom is feeling better now.  She's smiling and everything.
Love and sloppy kisses,

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  1. Yaaay!!! I think we need to have another celebration since an earthquake and time ruined my chances of being at your first one.