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Friday, June 4, 2010

Keeping you up to date.

Tuesday was bath day.  I needed to get all prettied up for my visit to see my friends on Wednesday so Mom
took to me Pup N Suds in Mechanicsville.  They sure are nice people there.  Now as you now, I'm not a little guy so having a nice big tub is great for soaping up.  They even cut and file my nails so that I don't accidently scratch anyone. People seem to like it when I smell sweet.  I don't know why.  I think I smell just fine.  Anyway, we went to visit friends and they seems to have been looking forward to seeing me.  It's not hard, you know.  All you have to do is wag your tail and they think you're real cute. There was one man who
seemed to be so sad.  He was sitting in a wheel chair just looking down so I walked up and put my head in his lap.  He smiled at me.  Then he took my head in his big hands and laughed right out loud.  The nurse said
that it was the first time she had seem him smile since he had been there.  We just looked into each other's eyes and we made a connection.  Maybe next time he'll talk to me.  I'll work on that and let you know if it happens.  My Dad's sister came to visit this week and brought me a toy mouse.  It doesn't squeek!  Guess she didn't know any better.  I miss my friend Cody and wish he would come to visit me.  Cody is a labradoodle which makes him part like me and part leapster.  He can really jump high.  It's easier for me to go under something.  Maybe I'll teach him how to do that.  It's takes a lot less energy.
That's all for now.  Sloppy kisses to everyone from CJ

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  1. Cody misses you too, CJ! Maybe once he's feeling better he can come visit. Oh, and he asked me to tell you this:

    Bark bark ruff! Ruff, kiss, wag. Bark, ball, bark! Wuff!