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Friday, June 11, 2010

Just being lazy

Mom and Dad were gone this morning, so I spent my time laying on the couch.  They'll never know.
Anyway, on Wednesday I went to see my friends at the assisted living home.  They were all happy to see
me.  I gave one nice lady a big, sloppy wet kiss and she put her hands on both sides of her face and said
"Oh My!".  What do you think that meant?  I'm always willing to give kisses.  It's my favorite thing to do,
well, except maybe eat.  Yes, eating is absolutely my favorite thing, then kissing.  I'm glad my friend Cody
is feeling better.  He needs to come see me real soon.  I need the exercise.  It's hard keeping up with him.
I try, but it wears me out.  See you later, friends.  I think they're going to feed me now.  Well, it's about time!~

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