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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bad news at the Vet.

Mom said we got some bad news at the vet today.  My tail is not getting any better and the doctor said it has to come off.  You know, I knew something was not right because my tail smelled different (worse than usual).  I was right.  The doctor said, even though we tried our best, gangrene has set in.  I'm beginning not
to like going there.  They are real nice and all, but it hurts every time I go.  Mom said we have to go first thing Monday morning for an operation.  Are they going to make me sleepy again?  Mom & Dad are real sad today so it must be a bad thing coming.  I need my friend Cody to make everybody smile again.

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  1. Hope you will be okay! Will say a prayer for you and your wonderful owners!

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